Looking for a place to host your next event?

Demolition Coffee Co. is available for rental (after regular business hours) seven days a week!



·        Sunday – Thursday:  6pm – 10pm

·        Friday – Saturday:     6pm – 12pm


DEPOSIT / FEES / RATES:  All rentals require a $50 security deposit, refunded at the conclusion of the event.  Rental fees are calculated on an hourly basis:

·        First hour: $150

·        Additional hours:  $75 each hour

Rental time STARTS when you begin setting up for your event and ENDS when the space is vacated, cleaned, and returned to its pre-event condition (so please consider your set-up and clean-up time requirements when making your reservation).   


PAYMENTS:  Total payment (deposit plus hourly rate) is due up-front at the time of reservation.  For your convenience, we accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


CLEAN UP / DEPOSIT RETURN:  We work hard to keep Demolition Coffee comfortable and inviting.  Please help us maintain a clean environment by leaving the space exactly as you found it.  This includes (but is not limited to): returning tables, chairs, benches, artwork, etc. to their original locations, taking out all event related trash, sweeping, mopping (if needed), etc.  Cleaning supplies are available.  The deposit will be refunded at the end of the event once the space has been cleaned.  In the event that the space is NOT returned in its original condition, your deposit will be forfeited.


CAPACITY:  Demolition Coffee has a maximum seating capacity of 47.


CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:  Demolition Coffee maintains a Beer/Wine/Mixed Spirit ABC license for space rentals and special events.  Your guests may enjoy alcoholic beverages INSIDE the building but NOT on the patio.  Please drink responsibly.


SMOKING:  Smoking is permitted on the patio.  For your convenience, there are two red receptacles for disposing of cigarette butts.


DECORATING THE SPACE:  Decorations are permitted as long as no damage is caused and the space is left in its original condition.


AUDIO / VIDEO CAPABILITY:  There is an auxiliary hook-up for the sound system if you would like to play music from your own audio device.  Out of respect to the residents who live above/around Demolition Coffee, please keep the volume at a reasonable level.  At present, there are NO video hook-ups.


CATERING:  You may supply your own Food, Beverages, and serving ware for your event at no cost.  If interested, Demolition Coffee can provide in-house Food and Beverage catering/support for an additional cost.  Menu and cost must be determined and agreed to well in advance of your event.


BARISTA SUPPORT:  Specialty coffee and espresso drinks are a classy touch to any event.  Barista support is available for $25/hour PLUS cost of drinks.


If you have additional questions or if you would like to schedule your reservation, please contact Jeff at 804.732.2991 or Kathy at office@haaseinc.com.